How to resolve OST file Internal Error 0000000E in MS Outlook

MS Outlook creates mainly two types of files to store its email data: OST and PST. OST stands for offline storage file whereas PST stands for personal storage file. In online mode, all your email items get stored in PST file but in case of offline mode, your email data get stored in OST file. On re-establishing of connection between Exchange server and Outlook, your OST file gets synchronized with the Exchange server database. Synchronization of OST file with Exchange server database is a normal process. Synchronization of OST file is very useful for because your email data get stored in Exchange server database. While synchronization of OST file with Exchange server, if any possible issue occurs or synchronization gets interrupted, your OST file undergoes corruption problems and your OST file data become inaccessible. 

OST file corruption leads to various error messages as given below: 

  • Internal error of OST file (error code=0000000E)

  • Error 8004011D-526-80040115-0

  • Service-specific error 0 (0x0)

  • Error code 0x8004103b

  • OST Internal error (error code=00000003)

  • Error-message/c5e20916-9359-43fc-9bd9

  • Service-specific error 0 (0x0)

Among all above errors, error message (error code=0000000E) is very common. This error arises due to OST synchronization interruption. It affects integrity and consistency of OST file and OST file becomes inaccessible along with contained email data.


Scanost.exe (OST Integrity Check Tool) is a free utility offered by Microsoft to deal with OST synchronization issues. It helps you to deal with the OST synchronization issues. But, this tool is not available from Outlook 2010 and later versions.

The default location for OST file is: 

  • Drive:\Users\user\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook (for Windows 7 and Windows Vista)

  • Drive:\Documents and Settings\user\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook (for Windows XP)


Before using OST integrity check tool (Scanost.exe), you should know few important of its limitations. This tool is intended to fix minor issues related to OST integrity and its consistency.

Limitations of OST integrity check tool:

  • Scanost.exe can only fix few minor OST synchronization errors.

  • Scanost.exe cannot perform, if the Exchange server is down, the mailbox on the server is unavailable, or the local computer cannot connect to the server.

  • Other than the synchronization errors, scanost.exe utility cannot resolve other OST file errors and problems. 

It you are looking to fix all severe OST corruption issues then you may not get expected result. Furthermore, it may lose some data so you must create a backup copy of existing OST file if it’s possible. If this utility resolves your errors and make OST file accessible then it’s the best possible solution for you. But, unfortunately this utility is not enough to fix OST issues or you are not satisfied with the offered result then you can try a third party tool. Kernel for OST to PST is a reliable tool in this field that can help you to resolve OST file error 0000000E. It converts inaccessible, lost, or corrupt OST into Outlook PST form.
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Restoring OST file by performing OST to PST migration

As you must be very well aware of the fact that OST or Offline Folder File plays a very decisive role in the functioning of Outlook client. In fact, it stores all essential information such as emails, notes, contacts and calendar information in the computer hard drive. It is this OST file that facilitates you to access your emails while even in offline mode and at the same time create or send emails after being connected to the server.

However, there are occasions when this OST file gets corrupted and reasons could vary from improper synchronization, virus attacks to different other reasons. And, facing any situation when this OST file get corrupt it cannot be converted automatically into PST file. In fact, such instances make OST file inaccessible with all its content. Adding to that, you may also not deny from the fact that there is always a probability of getting encountered with different error messages.

To make it clear, let’s consider a practical situation, when you try to start MS Outlook and you come across the error kind of situation indicating a large numbers of conflict items in OST file.

Cannot open your default email folders. The file *.ost is not an offline folder file.”

Precisely, without any doubt such instances take place only when OST files get corrupt. But, you don’t have to worry as there is a proper way to tackle such condition. Though, before you start any process to restore the damaged OST file, make sure you have already closed Microsoft Outlook or any other application that may access the OST file. And, talking about the way to restore the damaged OST file, then it is important that you perform OST to PST migration. In fact, once you convert file from OST to PST format you can use them with Outlook. And, the most suitable approach that you can opt is usage of a third party OST to PST migration tool.

But yet again today there are various number of OST to PST migration applications available in the market that constantly proclaim to convert OST to PST format. Consequently, it gets very important that you make a selection of proper utility like Kernel for Outlook OST to PST conversion tool. This is one such proficient application that makes a proper use of QFSCI algorithms to effectively scan the Exchange OST files and convert them into accessible PST files.

With the help of this tool it is very much possible to restore email properties like subject, to, from, cc, bcc and date. Another good highlight about the product is it also allows you in saving email items right away just by selecting a date from a date range. In addition, with this tool it is also very much possible to export password protected OST files to PST files.

Therefore, the next time if you ever face any such unfeasible condition, don’t get panic. You just got to take help of OST to PST migration tool and overcome from OST file error message.